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Friday, May 30, 2008

LOST Season Finale - So Who is JEREMY BENTHAM

Moving islands, marching armies of mercenaries and even a freighter loaded with explosives weighed heavily on the minds of Lost fans anticipating Thursday’s two-hour season finale. But they all became secondary concerns as a new question twisted its way into the foreground: Who is Jeremy Bentham?

We knew from past flash forwards that the Oceanic Six escape. But at the end of the last episode they were spread across the island, the beach and the freighter off shore and outside whatever dome of solitude surrounds the island.

Sun and baby Aaron had just reached the freighter with Jin, when Michael and Desmond discover a room full of explosives. The popular consensus is that the object baddie Keamy wears on his arm will trigger the explosives if he dies.

Jack, with Sawyer in tow, tracked down the chopper to find Lapidus tied up. He says the bad guys have gone to The Orchid to capture Ben. Archie and Reggie launch back into the woods to find Ben’s running mate, the much-loved Hurley.

The last we saw of Hurley, he was hiding with Locke in the woods near The Orchid when Ben revealed himself to Keamy and crew as a diversion.

While Faraday continued to funnel people off the island on a tiny boat, Sayid and Kate charge into the woods in search of Jack and Sawyer - who they’ve learned are heading into trouble. They manage to find their own problems, however, when the ageless Richard Alpert and his gang of Others capture them and lead them into the woods.

The rest of the characters were left waiting on the beach for their turn to leave the island, save for Clair, who was last seen chilling out with her dead father in Jacob’s mystic cabin.

This episode starts where Season Three ends: With a drunk jack screaming at Kate outside the airport, demanding that they go back to the island. This time, she stops the car. She gets out and laces into Jack for tormenting her and demanding she go to “Jeremy Bentham’s” funeral. She hints that something this unknown person said made Jack realize they had to return to the island, although at this point what that was remains as mysterious as his identity.

Back on the island, we join Jack and Sawyer heading for The Orchid. They find Hurly urinating in the woods and, after brief awkwardness between Hurley and Jack, they join Locke and The Orchid station. Jack and Locke bicker until Jack realizes all he came for was Hurley and tries to leave, but curiosity gets the better of him and stays to see what Locke is up to.

Meanwhile, Keamy and his mercenary crew are leading Ben back to the chopper, when Kate comes running out of the woods, claiming to be chased by Ben’s friends. The troops get their weapons ready. A mysterious whispering engulfs the group before the Others attack them from the woods like a pack of Ewoks. Kate gets Ben to safety, while Sayid tackles Keamy and the two trained fighters battle. Keamy is about to kill him when Alpert shoots Keamy in the back. To thank them for saving him, Ben gives Kate and Sayid the chopper and says they can leave the island.

In the next flash forward, Hurley is visited in his psych ward by a much older Walt. It has only been three years since he left the island, but the kid can now grow a better moustache than Sidney Crosby. Walt is upset that the Oceanic Six didn’t come and visit him. But he says Jeremy Bentham did visit and left him angry that the survivors are lying about what happened. Hurley says they have to lie to keep people on the island safe. “Like my dad?” Walt asks. Hurley hesitantly says yes.

Back on the island, Hurley and Sawyer eat 15-year-old crackers while Locke and Jack take up their age-old debate on destiny. Locke says Jack knows he’s supposed to be on the island, and will be consumed with guilt if he leaves (score one for Locke). Locke says it’s not an island, it’s a place where miracles happen. Jacks says there is no such thing as miracles. Locke: “Just wait until you see what I’m going to do,” meaning his intentions to move the island to keep it safe. Ben joins them and dismisses Jack, telling him he, Hurley and Sawyer should leave the island, then leads Locke into the underground.

On the boat, Michael is still battling the explosives, which haven’t exploded. The plan is to freeze the battery with liquid nitrogen. In conversation, Sun tells him that she’s pregnant, which he seems sad about, likely because the boat is about to explode.

Meanwhile, Faraday has returned to the beach and tells his friends Miles and Charlotte that they have to be on the next trip, because there won’t be another. Miles says he’s not going to leave, and sits happily eating nuts. Miles then says to Charlotte that he’s surprised she wants to leave, considering how hard she worked to get back “here.” What do you mean, she asks nervously, and Miles acts coyly. Charlotte decides to stay, telling Faraday that she “was still looking for where she was born.”

In The Orchid, Locke finds a vault that opens into a mystical bubble. An orientation video Ben makes him watch says a “Casimir effect” lets the Dharma Initiative do experiments on space and time. It’s a time machine, but not “the magic box,” Ben says. The orientation video says its important not to put metal into the vault, but Ben is frantically loading everything he can into the small room. A living, but angry, Keamy arrives and tells a hiding Ben about the bomb trigger that will go off if he dies. Locke appears and tries to talk him into putting down his knife. Ben uses the distraction to attack him, stabbing him several times.
Locke: “You just killed everyone on that boat.”
Ben: “So?”

Jack, Hurley and Sawyer get to the chopper and join Lapidus, Sayid and Kate. They get into the chopper and take off, all excited to get off the island, including Sawyer it seems. As they head for the freighter, they run out of gas. They start jettisoning things to reduce weight, but it’s not enough. Sawyer gets that “reluctant hero” look in his eye, and whispers some directions to Kate (likely something about visiting his daughter, Clementine) before kissing her and diving off the chopper. He swims back to the island.

In the next flash forward, Sayid sneaks up and kills a guy stalking Hurley’s mental institution, before going inside and asking Hurley to come with him. He’s sitting at a chess board alone. Sayid says things haven’t been safe since Bentham’s death and wants to take him to safety. Hurley lets it slip that Bentham is a fake name. He makes Sayid swear they’re not going back to the island. As he gets up, he makes one more chess move. “Checkmate, Mr. Eko,” he says. Apparently, Charlie isn’t the only dead island-dweller that has been visiting Hurley.

Locke fights to keep Keamy alive, but he’s fading fast. “Wherever you go, Widmore will find you,” he tells Ben. “Not if I find him first,” he says. Keamy dies, and the red lights start flashing. On the boat, Michael and Jin stay to keep the bomb’s battery frozen and inactive, while Desmond runs to evacuate the ship. “Bloody Hell,” he says as the chopper approaches. Lapidus has to land. They quickly refill the tank and get ready to relaunch. Sun says she won’t leave without Jin, but Kate gets her on the chopper and says she’ll find him. Jack intercepts her and forces her onto the chopper as well. Michael, meanwhile, gives Jin the “you are a father” speech to get him to leave, but he gets to the deck after the chopper has taken off.

Below, Michael hears the mystic whispers, before Jack’s dead father Christian appears and tells him he can “go now,” meaning (most likely) that he’s free to die. Moments later the ship blows with Michael, Jin and others still on board.

Sun breaks down after watching her husband blow up, ultimately blaming Jack for his death. In a flash forward, we find her in London, approaching Widmore. “Are you going to pretend you don’t know who I am?” she asks, before offering him her business card and telling him they have lots to talk about. She subtly offers to help him find Ben, and she seems just angry enough about Jin’s death to do it.

Inside the Orchid station, Ben starts the magic vault overloaded with metal, and it explodes. It seems to be part of the process, because Ben puts on his parka and climbs in. First, he tells Locke that he has to go, because whoever moves the island can never come back. Locke has been chosen to lead the Others and care for the island. Ben climbs through the vault and into an icy tunnel. Finally, he climbs down a ladder into an anti-chamber, where he slips and cuts his arm. There’s a huge lever, which Ben works to turn. As he does, things get very bright and a loud humming engulfs the island. The chopper crew, on their way back to the island, watches it seemingly sink into the ocean. The chopper runs out of gas and crashes. Everyone survives and loads into an emergency raft.

In the next flash forward, Kate wakes up in her home and hears someone in Aaron’s room. She loads her gun and jumps into the room, to find Claire sitting over her child’s bed. It turns out to be a dream, but Kate still seems shaken by Claire’s demand that Aaron never return to the island.

On the raft, Hurley tells everyone that Locke moved the island. Despite his own eyes, Jack refuses to believe that it happened, but he does tell everyone that they have to make up a story to protect the remaining island dwellers. They see a rescue boat, which turns out to belong to Penny, Desmond’s girlfriend. They run to each other, and he promises never to leave her again. Jack ruins a pleasant round of introductions by telling them that they all have to talk.

In the end, he convinces the Oceanic Six that they have to leave the boat and stage a rescue at a nearby island, in order to keep their cover story legitimate. Desmond and Lapidus remain on Penny’s boat. The Oceanic Six paddle to a village, where the residents rush to help them. At this point, the storyline catches up to the flash forward from Episode 12, as the survivors are led into a press conference, before going their separate ways.

The final flash forward finds a wasted, bearded Jack driving to the funeral hall where Jeremy Bentham remains. It’s midnight, so he breaks in, crying, pacing and reluctantly opens the coffin. Before he can reveal who is inside, Ben appears. “Did he tell you I was off the island?” he asks. Apparently he did. Bentham is actually someone who escaped the island to visit Jack and Kate, telling them both that terrible things had happened since they left and blaming them all on Jack.

Ben says Jack has to come back to the island, and has to bring everyone with him. Jack says no one will want to, but Ben says he’ll help convince them. They have to take Bentham’s body as well. Finally, after two hours of wondering who Jeremy Bentham is, the truth is revealed. John Locke lies inside the coffin, far from the island he was destined to find.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grey's Anatomy actress Brooke Smith has adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia

Grey's Anatomy actress Brooke Smith has adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia, her rep confirms.

It is the second daughter for Smith, 40, who has a 5-year-old daughter, Fanny, with her cinematographer husband Stephen Lubensky.

Smith, who is best known for her role in Silence of the Lambs, said in October that she and her husband were considering adopting.

"You know, why not?" Smith sad, adding that she and Lubensky have traveled to Africa several times, and filmed a documentary on conservationists in Zimbabwe together. "We still might end up there some time," she said.


IN Other News

Dr. Erica Hahn, the head of cardiothoracic surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital, may be a breezily officious, raging workaholic. But the actress who plays her, Brooke Smith, isn’t entirely surprised when the escalating chemistry between Hahn and Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) leads to a liplock in the May 15 episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Thursday at 9 pm/ET, ABC).
“She came to the wrong hospital if she thought she wasn’t going to have a personal life!” cracks Smith, who confesses to eavesdropping on a recent writers’ meeting in an attempt to find out where the relationship will go. “They won’t tell us anything, so I literally had my ear to the wall. I keep hearing this rumor about this big surprising kiss [in the finale]. Everybody’s thinking that it’s Meredith and Derek. But how surprising would that be?” Grey’s Anatomy fans are speculating that the big buss will be between Hahn and Torres and will lead to a love affair next season.

Perhaps viewers, who have watched her mentally abuse Cristina (Sandra Oh) and mock admirer McSteamy (Eric Dane), are ready for a softer side of Hahn. Not that Smith, 41, minds playing a hardass. When she joined the series, the writers let her know Hahn wouldn’t be winning any popularity contests. “They said they didn’t want to rush to make me likable, and hoped I didn’t mind,” she says. “A lot of actors don’t want to be unlikable, even if they’re the bad guy. But I’m okay with that — I’m good with being unlikable.”

Learn a few tidbits about Smith’s ’80s-era rebel New York City adolescence, and it’s no wonder Hahn’s hard edge seems natural. While her mother, legendary celebrity publicist Lois Smith, was helping burnish the reputations of A-listers like Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, her teen daughter took the anti-glam route, working as a coat-check girl at the Ritz rock club and playing bass in a punk band at CBGB. Still, Smith, whose first professional job was at the age of 7 in Marlo Thomas’ classic 1974 kiddie special Free to Be…You and Me, never let anything interrupt her acting ambitions.

Trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she did more than her share of off-off-Broadway plays before landing a career-changing part in 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs. As the mouthy captive of a serial killer, Smith stole scenes by managing to seem undismayed while standing in a dirt pit, gripping a poodle and telling her skin-peeling kidnapper, “Don’t you make me hurt your dog!” Roles in prestige pictures like Louis Malle’s Vanya on 42nd Street and Woody Allen’s Melinda and Melinda followed, but mostly Smith portrayed advice-giving sidekicks on seemingly every procedural on TV.

“All right, I’m done with this,” was Smith’s grim realization a few years ago when she decided to get her real estate license and stop waiting for Hollywood to wise up. Immediately, she landed arcs on Six Feet Under, Crossing Jordan and Weeds. Does she believe the stars finally aligned? “I hate to get all The Secret about it,” Smith says, “but I literally started saying out loud, ‘OK, I’m ready for a regular job.’ I like to work. Who doesn’t?” Although she still heads back to Manhattan frequently, Smith, her Russian cinematographer husband Steve Lubensky and their two daughters (Fanny, 5, and an infant adopted from Ethiopia just weeks ago) have been living in the Hollywood Hills. On a recent afternoon, Smith could be found drinking a glass of pinot noir in a cafĂ© near the beach. A few feet away, Entourage’s Kevin Connolly sat, repeatedly craning his neck to stare at the curly blond with the distinctively gravelly voice.

Smith says she’s been wondering if being on a hit series means she won’t just be another face in the crowd anymore. “I was just talking to the cast about losing their anonymity,” says Smith. “I thought, ‘That’s not going to happen to me.’ I don’t lead an exciting life that the paparazzi would want to capture.” She pauses. “You know, whenever I go home to New York, I still get on the subway. So far, so good!”

Monday, May 12, 2008


Does David minus dad mean danger for American Idol's presumptive front-runner?
The Associated Press and other news outlets reported over the weekend that David Archuleta's father has been banished from rehearsals by Idol producers.

The reports say that the action came after Jeff Archuleta demanded phrasing from Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls be inserted into David's rendition of Ben E. King's Stand By Me last week. The change cost the show additional song-clearance fees. The AP cited an unidentified source associated with Idol who was familiar with the situation; an Idol spokesman declined to comment Sunday.

David's dad has been a strong presence behind the scenes, and observers wonder what effect the loss of backstage support would mean for David, 17, as the show enters its last two weeks Tuesday (8 ET/PT, Fox).

It's hard to tell without knowing the family dynamics, says Charlie Toft, who covers television for and is on USA TODAY's Idol coach panel, which offers weekly advice to contestants. "Of all the major teenage contestants Idol has ever had, David appears to be the most heavily programmed and least spontaneous, and his stereotypically showy way of singing suggests he and his father have been aiming at this goal for a long time."

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Toft theorizes the ban might be a "shot across the bow" by the show, warning the family that if Archuleta wins, his career will be in the pros' hands.

Says Rona Elliot, former VH1 and Today show staffer and also a USA TODAY coach: "Sooner or later, David Archuleta will get the big picture and be royally ticked off at his father, and how his father's behavior not only alienated Idol's staff, but threatened his potential success."

In an interview with Us Weekly last month, Jeff Archuleta denied that he was a "stage dad" and said he was more a "music consultant" for David. "I'm definitely involved with my son, and I encourage him, but I think that's a lot different from forcing and threatening."

Toft says that whatever happens next "will be attributed to the dad turmoil. A good night will 'prove' Idol was overdue to take action, while a bad night will be seen as a sign that David can't hack it without his father.

"His fans will respond either way with power voting, so the net effect may be that David is now more bulletproof than ever."

Friday, May 9, 2008


A seven-season run is usually enough for a network to take note of its end, or at least make mention of it.

But that's not the plan as "Scrubs" (NBC, 8:30 p.m.) ends its run at NBC.

The reason is that Bill Lawrence's madcap medical comedy will be picked up almost immediately by ABC — an announcement that will be made officially Tuesday.
Tonight is the season finale of “Scrubs.” The show is not on NBC’s fall schedule, which was announced last month. That would make most viewers believe that this is really a series finale. In general, when a series ends its run after multiple, critically acclaimed seasons, a network makes a big to-do about it. There are promos set to sappy songs. The actors do media tours, and critics wax nostalgic about the program’s heyday. And then the show neatly wraps up the story line. Not so much when it comes to “Scrubs,” though it does appear that tonight’s episode will be one of the more creative ones. More on that in a bit. According to multiple trade publications, “Scrubs” really isn’t coding. It will come back on ABC, the studio that produces it, for one final season. Really final. Nothing has been announced yet, and ABC will reveal its fall schedule on May 13. Until then, enjoy this tribute to “The Princess Bride,” in which Dr. Cox narrates a bedtime fairy tale about Eliot, a princess, and J.D. (Zach Braff) as the Village Idiot. Then cross your fingers. 8:30 p.m. NBC

For now, though, the NBC season finale will be worth a watch if only because it's one of those long-planned special episodes, like last season's musical one.
Tonight, it's a medieval-times takeoff inspired equally by Monty Python and "The Princess Bride."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Courtney Henggeler - Spurs internet searches after her appearance in Big Bang Theory


Since appearing on Big Bang Theory on Monday evening, it appears Courtney Henggeler seems to have drawn quite a fan base. Maybe it was the ample clevage, maybe it was that very sexy, but yet subtle southern Drawl. Either way, everyone is searching for information on Courtney Henggeler. In true HTBW fashion, who am I to deny the wished of the masses. Honestly, it is pretty tough to find pictures of Courtney Henggeler on the web. After all, she really hasn't starred in many shows. However, if Mondays reaction is any indication, Courtney definately has a bright future in front of her.

Here are some of the shows Courtney Henggeler has starred in

"The Big Bang Theory" .... Missy (1 episode, 2008)
- The Shiksa Indeterminacy (2008) TV episode .... Missy
"House M.D." .... Server (1 episode, 2005)
... aka House (USA: short title)
- DNR (2005) TV episode .... Server
The Legacy of Walter Frumm (2005) .... Maid
The Bog Creatures (2003) .... Susan Beth

Here are a couple of pictures of Courtney Henggeler to wet your appetite


Khandi Alexander to Leave CSI Miami

Late last week, TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reported that Khandi Alexander is leaving CSI: Miami at the end of the season. Alexander is know for her fierce but tender Medical Examiner alter ego Alexx Woods. There is no word yet about how the character will depart, but Ausiello hints strongly that the reason for the departure is some issues Alexander has with an aspect of the show.

Who knows? Cast members are leaving CSI, too (first Jorga Fox and now Gary Dourdan), so maybe there is just a limit to how long you can do this kind of show (intense, lots of blood and gore, often depressing). I haven't followed the plots on CSI: Miami, so I don't know what kinds of issues Alexander would have with the show.

She is a terrific actress; one of the standout episodes for me was her grief over working on the body of a child, and how she combined tears with professionalism during the episode. She will have no trouble finding other work out there.

Reportedly, there is a search for a new medical examiner, and this one will be male.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

More on the Lindsay Lohan Ugly Betty Character

Yes, all ye long-suffering fans of one Lindsay Lohan (and "Ugly Betty:") You can now officially celebrate. She's joined the show, and the first day on the set was yesterday (Saturday.) Meanwhile, she's also signed up for five episodes next season.

Variety first broke the news this morning, while noting that her first appearance will be on the May 22 finale; the five-episode deal is billed as an "extended guest shot" by the trade, but that probably doesn't mean it'll be as inconsequential, in terms of on-screen time, as Britney's "guest shot" in "How I Met Your Mother." With a five-episode deal in hand (not counting the finale), you'll almost certainly be seeing a lot of Lindsay on the show next season.

How big a surprise is this? Not huge: The guest role has been rumored for weeks, but the five-episode arc was not expected. Despite all the usual stuff that surrounds her in the gossip press, Lohan's actually been pretty busy in recent months. She's in what's called "pre-production" on three films, "Ye Olde Times," The Manson Girls," and "Dare to Love Me." She's no stranger to TV either, and pretty much got her start there - briefly as a kid in the old and forgotten Bette Midler sitcom, "Bette," and later, there were a coupe of cameos on "That '70s Show."

What will she do on "Ugly?" She's an old school friend of Betty Suarez (America Ferara), and they run into each in the finale, per Variety. Betty's doing well at the mag (of course - she saves Daniel every week), but Lohan's character is apparently in bad shape.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lindsay Lohan to appear on Ugly Betty

Lindsay Lohan is set to star in TV show Ugly Betty, according to reports.

She’ll follow in the footsteps of Posh Spice and Naomi Campbell- who filmed scenes this week- by starring in the hit programme.

Though unlike the model and VB rumours say the wayward starlet will star in up to eight episodes of Betty.

Lohan’s acting career is at an all time low after flop I Know Who Killed Me and she desperately needs a decent job.

Sources on Ugly Betty say Lindsay will appear in the season finale of the show- which airs in May- and then star in the next series.

In separate news Lindsay has apparently worked with Snoop Dogg and Timbaland on her new album as she seeks to revive that area of her career too!