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Monday, June 7, 2010

SVETLANA - HDNET New Comedy TV Series

Svetlana is a new HDNET TV series which is already starting to get some attention at Episode 2. This is even someone at WIKIPedia decided to label the HDNET Comedy Series Svetlana as not worthy of listing. Perhaps the producers, or someone in show marketing figured they could use WIKI to promote a show not yet aired. I guess the gang over at the Svetlana TV series camp should have used a professional SEO marketing company capable of promoting their new television show to the Internet World - Nudge nudge wink wink. I'll give you guys this one for free but think about me next time eh.

Speaking of the gang at the Svetlana comedy TV series camp, here is what the official Svetlana website has to say about the new series Svetlana, airing on HDNET.

Sharp, no-nonsense, acerbic, loving and generous, Svetlana is a woman of indeterminate age (between 30 and 50, she'll never tell) who landed in Minnesota from the USSR years ago as a mail-order bride. She quickly left her humdrum life and milquetoast husband, Steve, for a life of edge and passion on the streets of Los Angeles -- pursuing her version of the American dream -- opening a brothel that caters to high end clients. And with that was born "St Petersburg House of Discreet Pleasure."

The cast of the new HDNET comedy series, SVETLANA is as follows

•Alex Veadov Vlad
•Angela Gots Marina
•Irina Voronina Natasha
•Iris Bahr Svetlana
•Katia Hayes Anya

Kinda short eh

Well, if you haven't yet seen the show SVETLANA, like me, here is a little but of information on the past 2 episodes as well as previews of some future episodes.

Svetlana Episode 1

Yellowcake - Unrated - Svetlana's long lost American husband Stevie (who ordered her from mail order catalogue 15 years ago) suddenly shows up, demanding she return with him to Minneapolis and finally "start their life together".

Svetlana Episode 2

Wish Fulfillment - Natasha expresses a wish to have sex with a black man, so Svetlana takes her to South Central to achieve this goal utilizing unorthodox techniques.

Svetlana Episode 3

Recession Special - Svetlana decides to hold a Recession Special for unemployed people. The turnout is larger than expected, sending St. Petersburg House of Discreet Pleasure into utter chaos.

For those of you who do not have access to HDNET and would like to watch previous episodes of HDNET's new comedy series SVETLANA starring commedienne, Iris Bahr, I'm sure you could probably easily download an episode of SVETLANA from any of the popular bit torrent sites such as immortal seed. Not that I am suggesting you do anything illegal, just an option for those of you who live in countries where downloading bittorrent files SVETLANA.TORRENT is not illegal.