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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BURN NOTICE Back with some changes

BURN NOTICE returns to USA this January 22 at 10/9c for a third season. Burn Notice offers up a unique brand of action and spy thrills.

Actress Dina Meyer (Beverly Hills, 90210, Point Pleasant) has been cast as the former fiancé of Jeffrey Donovan's Michael on BURN NOTICE. She'll show up in the season 2 finale on March 5.

BURN NOTICE, a sexy, action-packed original series starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy. Dumped in his hometown of Miami without money or resources, Michael struggles to put his life back together and find out why he's been burned. In the meantime, he uses his unique skills and training to help people in need ... mostly people who can't get help from the police.

BURN NOTICE also stars Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona, a beautiful ex-IRA operative who happens to be Westen’s ex-girlfriend. Bruce Campbell stars as Sam, Michael’s closest buddy in town, a washed up military intelligence contact who is keeping an eye on Michael for the Feds. Also starring is Emmy® Award-winner Sharon Gless as Madeline, Michael’s hypochondriac mother, who couldn’t be happier to have her boy back in town.

Created and written by Matt Nix, BURN NOTICEcombines the best of the action/thriller elements with surprising humor and an iconic new breed of spy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michelle Aguilar Wins Biggest Looser

Here are some Before and after pictures of Michelle Aguilar, the Winner of Biggest Looser 2008

Michelle Aguilar entered The Biggest Loser: Families looking to lose weight and resurrect her relationship with her mother. She left it as a champion.

Aguilar was crowned The Biggest Loser: Families' champion during last night's live finale broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss series' sixth season. "I'm number one!" Michelle screamed after her victory was announced and the season's 15 other contestants began congratulating her as confetti streamed down on to the finale stage.

The 26-year-old assistant director from Ft. Worth, TX started the competition at 242 pounds and lost 132 pounds for a 45.45% weight-loss percentage, claiming the show's $250,000 grand prize. Aguilar defeated Vicky Vilcan, a 37-year-old anesthetist from Houma, LA, and Ed Brantley, a 31-year-old chef from Raleigh, NC who won The Biggest Loser: Families' home viewer vote to determine the third sixth-season finalist.

During the show's finale, The Biggest Loser host Allison Sweeney revealed that despite Ed's pleas that home viewers send his wife Heba Salama, a 30-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative, to the finale weigh-in, he had won the viewer vote in a "landslide," landing 84% of the vote. While she was disappointed that America had not listened to her husband's pleas, Heba was gracious in defeat. "Everything happens for a reason, we have been so lucky to be on this show that honestly, because we were never here for a paycheck I just wanted the opportunity to be a finalist," Heba said. "It's the economy," Ed joked about the home audience's decision.

Ed -- who was re-introduced into the competition on Week 7 after he had been eliminated three weeks earlier -- finished as The Biggest Loser: Families' runner-up, starting at 335 pounds and losing 139 pounds for a 41.49% weight-loss percentage. Vicky, who finished just behind Ed in third place, began the competition at 246 pounds and dropped 101 pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 41.06%.

Heba's disappointment of making the Top 3 was also short lived, as she went on to win the weigh-in of The Biggest Loser: Families' 13 previously eliminated contestants and claim the consolation weigh-in's $100,000 prize. After starting the as the season's heaviest woman at 294 pounds, Heba dropped 138 pounds for a 46.9% weight-loss percentage that was actually higher than Michelle's winning percentage. The start and finish weights and final weight-loss percentages of the 12 other previously eliminated contestants -- as well as the order in which they were booted from the competition -- were as follows.

Stacey Capers, a 33-year-old contract pricing analyst from Gainesville, VA began the competition at 221 pounds and lost 65 for a weight-loss percentage of 29.41%, while her husband Adam, a 39-year-old contracts manager, began the competition at 340 pounds before dropping 80 for a 23.53% Weight-loss percentage.

Tom "L.T." Desrochers Jr., a 22-year-old cab driver from Everett, MA, began the competition at 314 pounds before dropping 78 for a weight-loss percentage of 24.84%, while his father Tom Desrochers Sr., also a cab driver, began the competition at 357 pounds before losing 87 pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 24.37%

Jerry Skeabeck, a 51-year-old police sergeant from Cleveland, OH began the competition at 380 pounds before losing 115 pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 30.26%.

Shellay Cremen, a 51-year-old stay-at-home mom from Royal Oak, MI began the competition at 216 pounds before losing 74 pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 34.26%.

Amy Parham, a 40-year-old real estate agent from Greer, SC began the competition at 229 pounds before dropping 105 pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 45.85%, while her husband Phil began the competition at 331 pounds before losing 151 pounds for a percentage of 45.62%.

Brady Vilcan, a 36-year-old pharmacist from Houma, LA, began the competition at 341 pounds before losing 117 pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 34.31%.

Coleen Skeabeck, a 23-year-old receptionist from Cleveland, OH entered the competition weighing 218 pounds before dropping 64 pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 29.36%

Amy Cremen, a 26-year-old purchasing department representative from Auburn Hills, MI, entered the competition at 239 pounds before dropping 104 for a weight-loss percentage of 43.51%.

Renee Wilson, a 46-year-old event manager from Fort Worth, TX -- and the mother of the season's champion Michelle -- began the competition weighing 267 pounds before dropping 106 pounds for a weight-loss percentage of 39.7%.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ashley Dupre to be interviewed on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer

Brace yourselves: you’re about to find out a lot more about Eliot Spitzer than you ever wanted to know. Ashley Dupre, the young New Jersey runaway who supported a lavish New York City lifestyle by working as a high-class prostitute will appear in an interview on this Friday’s 20/20. It’s her first time speaking out since she was revealed as “Kristen,” former New York State governor Eliot Spitzer’s call girl of choice.

Dupre shot to fame (albeit short-lived fame) early this year when Spitzer’s penchant for paid companionship was exposed. Federal investigators tapped his phone after they received reports of suspicious activity from his bank, and taped conversations between him under the code name “Client 9” and a booker at Emperor’s VIP Club making arrangements for escorts. Spitzer was forced to step down because of the scandal.

Once the 23-year-old aspiring singer/prostitute’s identity was revealed, Dupre was initially inundated with offers to pose nude and star in pornos. But her star faded fast and it wasn’t long before she became an afterthought.

Now she wants the limelight back and she’s hoping talking to Diane Sawyer will have one it takes to snatch it. Reportedly, the interview—which will occupy two segments of the hour-long show—will focus more on her rise to hooker superstardom than on her liaisons with the shamed former governor. A source told the Daily News that people hoping for more dirt on Spitzer will be disappointed so, sadly (or maybe, thankfully), she probably won’t go into “too much information” territory. But thirty minutes with the woman who brought down the man who brought down Wall Street without any mention of their encounters would be the ultimate exercise in restraint. And if there’s anything this entire situation lacks, it’s just that.

For more on ASHLEY DUPRE including several non censored pictures from the Girls Gone Wild Days Visit the "offical" ASHLEY DUPRE BLOG

Sean "P Diddy" Combs to Appear on CSI Miami

P. Diddy is set to appear on the popular ‘CSI’ TV shows, and will play a prosecutor on the Miami leg of the show. The rap mogul and gang banger, whose real name is Sean Combs, will appear on two episodes of ‘CSI: Miami’ playing a a prosecutor who doesn't get along with a police lieutenant. The shows featuring Combs will air in mid- to late winter.

This is not the first time he has forayed into acting, as he recently garnered critical acclaim for his role in ‘A Raisin in the Sun’, a TV movie made by the ABC Network.

Rap personality, Sean Combs also known as P. Diddy, will make a cameo on television soon. The Grammy and MTV Video Music Awards winner has been picked up to guest star on CBS's hit police drama series, "CSI: Miami". Moreover, it has been reported that P. Diddy has signed a deal with CBS for two episodes' appearance on the series, scheduling to air in early next year. In the episodes, the rapper reportedly will be featured as a federal prosecutor opposite Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso, and other regular characters.

Acting is nothing new for this American top rapper because he has appeared in Jon Favreau's 2001 film, "Made", as Ruiz. He also won a starring role in Broadway play "A Raisin In The Sun".

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy get the NBC Axe

One potential bright spot in America's fiscal tragedy -- our arts and culture now forcibly skews closer to reality. Consider MoMA's assortment of modular homes, which have suffered the same fate as the real-life housing market. Alas, there are worse woes ahead -- such as the recent cancellation of Lipstick Jungle or confusion over a Sex & the City sequel. To most people, this sort of news heralds the end of a crapulent spate of television brought on earlier this year by yet another SATC clone.

Even in the unscripted arena, the CW’s Stylista is teetering awfully close to cancellation hell. Clearly, all of these casualties and uncertainties have forced this fluffy genre of meta-TV to embrace reality and inspired networks to develop shows capable of connecting with their target demo. Apart from Gossip Girl, that is, which continues to coast on its dubious depiction of “the poor.”

NBC’s drama Lipstick Jungle has been cancelled. Kim Raver, Lindsay Price and Brooke Shields played the three female leads. That means no more shirtless Kirby Atwood (Robert Buckley)!!!

Reports also indicate freshman drama My Own Worst Enemy (with Christian Slater) also got the axe. No official comment has been made by NBC about either series just yet.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The popular American Rip off of a Favorite British TV Series "THE OFFICE" is back for a fifth season. The new season of THE OFFICE Starts on September 25th. Here is a little teaser of what to expect


The staff spends their summer competing in a weight loss challenge, and they become obsessed with diet and exercise. Michael and the new H.R. representative, Holly, build their new friendship while Jim finds himself missing Pam, who's busy pursuing her education in New York City. Andy and Angela deal with the repercussions from their recent engagement.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

America's Got Talent Back with a Big Bang

In its triumphant return after the 2008 Olympic Games, “America’s Got Talent” (7 p.m. Tuesday, NBC) offers up 10 of the top 40 contestants.

That much closer to the million dollar prize, they crank up the intensity.

“Wipeout” (7 p.m. Tuesday, ABC) is back with a paramedic, a professor, a fire dancer, a retired pilot, a professional surfer and a figure-skating coach taking on Butt-Kicker, Big Balls, Topple Towers, Donut Stack Swing, Teeter Totter and the Floating Block Maze.

At the age of 10, Alexandra “Alex” Pyles has won 14 world titles, entered the National Blackbelt League’s Hall of Fame and accumulated a wall full of trophies. This week, she gets to show off her skills in mixed martial arts, including various forms of karate, on national television.

Alex is a quiet little girl with sandy blonde hair and a shy smile—and, based on the moves she demonstrated in the ring at her family’s gym earlier this week, the ability to kick my tail if she wanted to. She is one of the finalists on “America’s Got Talent,” NBC’s popular talent show. The series will begin its Los Angeles round of competition at 8 p.m. EDT Tuesday.

“I decided to get into martial arts when I was a baby,” she said. “My dad was doing it, and I liked it. When I did it I felt really good.”

Her father, Dean Pyles, runs Elite Combat Martial Arts and Fitness in Galax, and she grew up watching him teach classes and enter competitions. “She’d run around punching and kicking and stuff,” Dean Pyles recalled. “By the time she was 3 she was doing splits and kicks and she did a demonstration…. People just went wild over it.”

At 5, she won her first trophy, which her father said “was 6 feet tall, and she wasn’t hardly 3 feet tall.”

She is a movie buff and is particularly fond of movies starring Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Sylvester Stallone. She describes “Rocky” as her all-time favorite film and hopes to be an action-film star when she grows up. She also likes fishing, swimming and bike riding. “She’s super-active,” her dad said.

So are her sisters: Whittany, 17; Chelsea, 13; and Hylea, 5. They all study martial arts, and they are looking forward to seeing their sister compete.

“I think it’s incredible,” Whittany said. “We even get to go out and see everything she sees.”

Despite the age difference, could Alex take Whittany in a fight? “Probably,” Whittany said with a laugh.

“I think it’s amazing,” Chelsea said. “I hope she wins it. No matter what, we’ll all benefit from it. She does really good at it. And, yeah, she could definitely whoop me. But I don’t want her to.”

“I love my sissy, and I hope she wins it,” said Hylea.

Last year, the family gathered each week to watch “America’s Got Talent,” an “American Idol"-like competition show that features singers and other performers, including puppeteer Terry Fator, last year’s winner.

“There’s a lot of talents and I like to see talent,” Alex said.

Plus, her skill at martial arts has an added benefit: “My talent can maybe save someone some day,” she said.

“She wants to show kids they can study martial arts and have fun, and also learn self-defense and get into shape,” Dean Pyles said. “She wanted to raise child-safety awareness. She’s real soft-hearted and real shy-seeming until you see her compete…. She just decided she wanted to help get the word out.”

“As soon as she saw the show last year, she said that’s what she wanted to do,” said her mother, Heather Pyles. “I just went and looked everything up on the Internet and started filling out papers.”

With help from sponsors, the family took Alex through the first rounds of auditions and went out to Las Vegas earlier this year, where she competed against about 200 acts.

She made the cut, and now she is one of 40 finalists who will show off their skills over the next few weeks. The competition will be shown Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Alex’s competition includes singers, impressionists, dancers, drummers, a magician and an Elvis impersonator. They compete before three celebrity judges, and then viewers vote for their favorites.

“America gets to narrow that down,” Dean Pyles said, “and we’re hoping we can get the support of the local area.”

The family flew to Los Angeles this week to prepare for Alex’s first round of competition, which will likely be on Tuesday’s episode.

The auditions, her mother said, were “extremely exciting and overwhelming.”

The experience, she said, has “just been fantastic ever since. It’s gotten better and better.”

When the auditions started, Alex said, “I was a little nervous. But I believed that I could do it and I was ready. I went and put everything I could into it.”

“America’s Got Talent” (8 p.m., NBC): The Olympics are over and now it’s almost time to award some medals on “America’s Got Talent.” The summer’s biggest hit returns with an episode that has 10 of the Top 40 acts hitting the stage to showcase their skills.

“World’s Funniest Commercials 2008” (9 p.m., TBS): Kevin Nealon and his wife, Susan Yeagley, are your hosts for the “World’s Funniest Commercials 2008.” These are those rare clever and hilarious ads that you don’t want to skim over with your DVR.

“Greek” (9 p.m., Oxygen): The freshmen’s devotion is put to the test when they learn if they have been accepted into their fraternities and sororities.

“The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” (10 p.m., Oxygen): “The Agency” is back for its fourth season. But there are changes ahead in this reality show. Dickinson, the self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel,” has a new business partner. A new business plan to move from commercial to high-fashion clients. New headquarters: no longer a Hollywood storefront but a mansion in the Hollywood hills, complete with a newly designed master bedroom decorated by brother-of-Madonna Christopher Ciccone. Finally, Dickinson has a new scheme for keeping her models-in-training in tow: They will reside in this mansion with her.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Season 7 New Cast

The cast for Season 7 of "Dancing with the Stars" was announced this morning on ABC's "Good Morning" with a few surprises. Mainly, reality TV celebutante Kim Kardashian -- who had been rumored for days to be on the show -- actually suffered an injury (she cut her foot on Sunday night, but it was not severe enough to keep her out of the competition.)

"I will be able to dance," she proclaimed! Whew, wouldn't want to disappoint the male viewership.

Here is the list:

Kim Kardashian, reality TV star

Cloris Leachman, Oscar-winning actress

Misty May-Treanor, Olympic beach volleyballer

Maurice Greene, Olympic sprinter,

Lance Bass, former N' Sync star

Rocco DiSpirito, TV chef

Warren Sapp, NFL star

Toni Braxton, Grammy award-winning R&B star

Cody Linley, "Hannah Montana" show

Ted McGinley, veteran actor "Happy Days"

Brooke Burke, actress/TV personality

Jeffrey Ross, celebrity roaster and comedian

Susan Lucci, "All My Children" star

"Dancing with the Stars" premieres at 8 p.m. Sept. 22 on ABC-TV, followed by a performance show on Sept. 23 and the first results show on Sept. 24.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Meerkat Manor

A friendly TV reminder for meerkat lovers: Tonight marks the series finale of "Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation."

We hear family history repeats itself when tragedy strikes at the Whiskers burrow and dominant male Zorro goes missing in action.

Channel and time: Animal Planet, 8:30, 9 and 9:30 p.m.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Magnum PI - 80's TV Revisited

I just read that Magnum PI may be coming back for another swing at the bat thanks to Digital TV.

It was about Thomas Magnum (Played by Tom Seleck), a former US navy seal for ten years. While he works as head security in the Estate of millionaire Robin Master, Magnum moolights as a private investigator. Magnum lived the life of luxury driving fast cars and boinking fast women.

Magnum's chief advesary in the show was Former British Army Sergeant Jonathan Higgins who was the caretaker of the Robin Master Estate. "Higgins" had a few Doberman guard dogs who he figured would be enough to replace Magnum.

Aside from many woman, Thomas Magnum's constant companions ad helpers were TC (A helicopter Pilot ad Rick (a Local con artist and general shady character)

Similar in style to the now popular Burn Notice, Magnum narrates his way through the entire show, giving the viewers insight into the life of a Hawaii Playboy private investigator. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

David Hyde Pearce explores Alzheimer's - Featured on PBS

PBS will present a special evening of programming focused on Alzheimer's disease on Sunday, August 3 starting at 9 p.m. ET (check local listings). The programming starts with a national encore broadcast of the Emmy-Award-winning THE FORGETTING: A Portrait of Alzheimer's, followed by a new half-hour discussion, The Future of Alzheimer's, moderated by actor and Alzheimer's champion David Hyde Pierce, which features a panel of medical experts and scientists discussing the latest developments in Alzheimer's. Together, the programs approach the subject of Alzheimer's in a unique manner, balancing the scientific quest to eradicate Alzheimer's disease with heartfelt, first-hand stories of families whose lives have been ravaged by it. Produced by Twin Cities Public Television, and made possible by public television viewers and PBS, along with major funding from MetLife Foundation, both will be available in Spanish through the SAP channel.

"The Forgetting can make a real difference in the lives of millions of people across the country, by providing valuable insights into the nature of Alzheimer's," said Rob Henrikson, MetLife president, chairman, and CEO. "This program tackles the Alzheimer's crisis in a powerful, moving way, and MetLife is proud to support this important program."

The number of people living with Alzheimer's is quickly rising, and is expected to increase dramatically as the Baby Boom generation ages. Over five million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, including one in eight persons over age 65, meaning that 19 million Americans have a family member with the disease. The impact on families can be devastating -- physically, emotionally, and financially -- as caring for persons with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias is more demanding and time-consuming than other caregiving, and takes a heavier toll on work and family life. The financial impact of caring for someone with Alzheimer's is often huge: nursing homes average $42,000 a year, and can run $70,000 or more in some areas, but more than 7 out of 10 people with Alzheimer's disease live at home, where family and friends provide most of the care, thereby adversely affecting their earning capacity.

Enhancing the documentary is a comprehensive interactive website that is designed to serve as a center for resources, support and materials for Alzheimer's patients, their families and caregivers. For more information, visit after July 29.

MetLife Foundation has supported Alzheimer's disease research and outreach activities for more than 20 years. The Foundation has awarded over $11 million in grants through its Awards for Medical Research in Alzheimer's Disease program, and has also provided support to the Alzheimer's Association for initiatives including caregiving videos, resources for the Hispanic community and the Safe Return identification program. For information about MetLife Foundation, please visit

THE FORGETTING: Portrait of Alzheimer's and THE FUTURE OF ALZHEIMER'S with David Hyde Pierce are produced by Twin Cities Public Television. The executive producer is Naomi S. Boak. The producer and director of THE FORGETTING is Elizabeth Arledge. The producers of THE FUTURE OF ALZHEIMER'S with David Hyde Pierce are Ron Fried and Lorraine Kreahling. The documentary is based on the book, The Forgetting: Alzheimer's: Portrait of an Epidemic by David Shenk. The editor is Doug Quade, with cinematography by Erich Roland. Original music is by Mason Daring. Gerald Richman is executive in charge

For more information on Alzheimer's

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Mole Revealed and Season Overview

Let's take a look at who won, who the Mole was, who lost, how the Mole fooled everyone, and what clues were scattered throughout the season.

Craig is the Mole!
Mark wins the money!
Nicole loses!

I guess it would have been equally great if Craig had won and Mark was the Mole, but this was perfect too. Even though Craig was the Mole, he wasn't evil or nasty about it, which makes this outcome even more satisfying. And Mark? What a great player. He was incredibly smart in the challenges, physically great (who can forget his work on the treadmill?), and did just enough to make people think he might be the Mole (I thought he was guilty for the first few weeks).

What's most interesting is that Mark almost didn't make it to the final three. Because others (including Paul) suspected Craig early on, Mark actually tied on the quizzes three separate times, and only moved on because the others were slower in their finishing times. That must have been a kick in the head to the other players (especially Victoria). Quite fascinating is the fact that Craig's trip to the hospital was actually real. I wonder how many people thought Craig was the Mole because of this trip? He was probably suspected by a couple of players, but not for reasons he could have controlled.

As for the clues to who the Mole was...well, they ranged from rather obvious to completely obscure and impossible to see. The letters CRG behind Mark in the prison cell, looking back, were really obvious. But longitude and latitude for San Diego (Craig's town) hidden in the logo? Four letter "I" icons behind Clay that pointed to the only guy with glasses? The area codes of the final three hidden in a scene? Gah, that's really hard stuff to figure out, but you'll be damned sure I'm going to look for that stuff if there's another season (it's very cool that a couple of the audio oddities we picked up on - the alien sound and the baby crying - actually were clues, though the baby was a clue in a different way than we thought).

And what about another season? This finale proved that this is a reality show that really does deserve to be on the air. It proved that there can be a clever reality show that the viewers at home can actually play along with, one that's a little more civilized than the other reality shows, regardless of how nasty and annoying one or two of the contestants can be. I really hope we see another edition next season.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Australian Comedy Hit Kath and Kim Set to Come to America

THE producer of Kath & Kim has hit back at claims the US version of the hit comedy is set to bomb.

Some American critics have suggested that the translated series, set to be screened on NBC, would be the first show of the new US television season to fail.

"I don't care that NBC has set a premiere date of October 9, I don't care that it stars Molly Shannon and Selma Blair," said critic Amy Amatangelo of the TV industry website, "I say Kath & Kim will never see the light of TV."

Television analyst Horizon Media, which publishes a list of odds each new TV year betting on which series will survive, then listed Kath & Kim as one of the most likely to fail.

Last week the British newsletter Popbitch posted links to clips from the new series. The response was overwhelmingly negative.

But Rick McKenna, executive producer of the Australian Kath & Kim starring co-creators Jane Turner and Gina Riley, said the US series was progressing well and had the full support of its American broadcaster.

"The irony is the same week that report [saying Kath & Kim would be the first to fail] came out, NBC saw the pilot . . . and, based on what they'd seen, ordered another seven episodes.

"That sort of puts those critics - who haven't even seen the show - in perspective."

Major changes have been made to the original format to fit the new market - Magda Szubanski's character Sharon will be replaced by a gay man - but McKenna said the result was always intended to be a new imagining of Kath & Kim, not a copy.

The Kath & Kim US version is scheduled to premiere in October.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

So you think you can Dance Winner announced

The two-night, four-hour So You Think You Can Dance season finale started last night and concluded earlier this evening... The finale included a reunion of some of the favourite dancers from the first four seasons and encores of some of the best routines of the current season... The Jonas Brothers as well as the cast of Criss Angel Believe also performed...

At the end of it all, it came down to 2 guys: Joshua Allen and Twitch Boss!! 3rd place finisher (who you voted THE HOTTEST) Katte Shean walked away with $50,000 for being the top girl this season, after Courtney Galiano was eliminated at the beginning of the finale!!

Last Comic Standing Winner announced


The Very Sexy and Beautiful Iliza Shlesinger has just been crowned the Princess of Comedy in the TV Hit Last Comic Standing.
Iliza showed her grit many times as she kept being sent to the lions pit on several of the final episodes of Last Comic Standing.

For more on the Very Beautiful Last comic Standing Iliza Shlesinger


Monday, August 4, 2008

Big Bang Theory Back with the very bangable Courtney Henggeler

With the new season of Big Bang Theory upon us, the beautiful Courtney Henggeler is back. There are still very few pictures of this Buxom Brunette Available but you can be sure to find the pictures of Courtney Henggeler that you want on here.

Here is another picture of Courtney Henggeler to keep you going.

For more on Courtney Henggeler

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal" Cashes in on America's Obsession with Cheerleaders and Sex and sex with cheerleaders

Nothing says mainstream America like the apple pie aura that surrounds the idyllic sports setting: All-American jocks playing for the glory of their alma maters and the wholesome, not-to-be-denied exuberance of the cheerleaders that cheer them on. That is the image touted by most. And that is the image that sells. But the flip side of that image sells just as well or better. Lifetime cable network chose the flip side and broadcast their original movie, "Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal" to appeal to that lucrative seamier side. That side would include provocative images of cheerleaders, sexually suggestive images, and scandalous acts. Because for every cheerleader movie like "Bring It On", there is a corresponding sexually suggestive or outright pornographic movie as well (and, more often as not, far more examples of the latter).

"Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal" tells the story of the McKinney North High School (Texas) cheerleader squad that basically did as they pleased until they were confronted by their cheerleading coach, Emma (played by Jenna Dewan), whose character is loosely based on the actual coach, Michaela Ward. Disciplining the cheerleaders were a problem at the school because one of the cheerleaders, Brooke Tippit (who is modeled after Karissa Theret and played by Ashley Benson, who has actually starred in a "Bring It On" movie), was the daughter of the principal, Lorene Tippit (Linda Theret, played by Oscar-winner Tatum O'Neal). The cheerleaders' out-of-control behavior leads to a showdown.

In real life, Michaela Ward resigned when little was done to discipline the girls, who posted suggestive pictures of themselves on showing glimpses of their underwear and mimicking lewd acts with candles in a condom store, among other disruptive acts perpetrated on school grounds. Ward took the story to the press and the Dallas-suburb school became the scandal of the nation. Linda Theret resigned. The offending girls were removed from the cheerleading squad.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

EMMY AWARDS Nominees List 2008

Nominees in major categories for the 60th annual Primetime Emmy Awards announced Thursday by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Drama Series: "Boston Legal," ABC; "Damages," FX; "Dexter," Showtime; "House," Fox; "Lost," ABC; "Mad Men," AMC.

Comedy Series: "Curb Your Enthusiasm," HBO; "Entourage," HBO; "The Office," NBC; "30 Rock," NBC; "Two and a Half Men," CBS.

Miniseries: "The Andromeda Strain," A&E; "Cranford" (Masterpiece Theatre), PBS; "John Adams," HBO; "Tin Man," Sci Fi Channel.

Made-for-TV Movie: "Bernard and Doris," HBO; "Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale," HBO; "The Memory Keeper's Daughter," Lifetime; "A Raisin in the Sun," ABC; "Recount," HBO.

Actor, Drama Series: James Spader, "Boston Legal," ABC; Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad," AMC; Michael C. Hall, "Dexter," Showtime; Hugh Laurie, "House," Fox; Gabriel Byrne, "In Treatment," HBO; Jon Hamm, "Mad Men," AMC.

Actress, Drama Series: Sally Field, "Brothers & Sisters," ABC; Kyra Sedgwick, "The Closer," TNT; Glenn Close, "Damages," FX; Mariska Hargitay, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," NBC; Holly Hunter, "Saving Grace," TNT.

Supporting Actor, Drama Series: William Shatner, "Boston Legal," ABC; Ted Danson, "Damages," FX; Zeljko Ivanek, "Damages," FX; Michael Emerson, "Lost," ABC; John Slattery, "Mad Men," AMC.

Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Candice Bergen, "Boston Legal," ABC; Rachel Griffiths, "Brothers & Sisters," ABC; Chandra Wilson, "Grey's Anatomy," ABC; Sandra Oh, "Grey's Anatomy," ABC; Dianne Wiest, "In Treatment," HBO.

Actor, Comedy Series: Tony Shalhoub, "Monk," USA; Steve Carell, "The Office," NBC; Lee Pace, "Pushing Daisies," ABC; Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock," NBC; Charlie Sheen, "Two and a Half Men, CBS.

Actress, Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "The New Adventures of Old Christine," CBS; Christina Applegate, "Samantha Who?," ABC; Tina Fey, "30 Rock," NBC; America Ferrera, "Ugly Betty," ABC; Mary-Louise Parker, "Weeds," Showtime.

Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Jeremy Piven, "Entourage," HBO; Kevin Dillon, "Entourage," HBO; Neil Patrick Harris, "How I Met Your Mother," CBS; Rainn Wilson, "The Office," NBC; Jon Cryer, "Two and a Half Men," CBS.

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Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Ralph Fiennes, "Bernard and Doris," HBO; Ricky Gervais, "Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale," HBO; Paul Giamatti, "John Adams," HBO; Kevin Spacey, "Recount," HBO; Tom Wilkinson, "Recount," HBO.

Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Catherine Keener, "An American Crime," Showtime; Susan Sarandon, "Bernard and Doris," HBO; Judi Dench, "Cranford (Masterpiece Theatre), PBS; Laura Linney, "John Adams," HBO; Phylicia Rashad, "A Raisin in the Sun," ABC.

Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie: David Morse, "John Adams," HBO; Stephen Dillane, "John Adams," HBO; Tom Wilkinson, "John Adams," HBO; Denis Leary, "Recount," HBO; Bob Balaban, "Recount," HBO.

Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Eileen Atkins, "Cranford" (Masterpiece Theatre), PBS; Ashley Jensen, "Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale," HBO; Alfre Woodard, "Pictures of Hollis Woods" (Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation), CBS; Audra McDonald, "A Raisin in the Sun," ABC; Laura Dern, "Recount," HBO.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tourette Syndrome Kids Featured in ABC Special inteded to Dispell myths and Mysteries of Tourettes Syndrome

14-year old Isabella Constantino of Buffalo is one of the people featured in a special ABC Primetime report on Tourette Syndrome, airing on Channel 7.
A television crew taped the whole segment in Western New York over the past several months, and Isabella was more than happy to share with them her daily routine.
An ABC producer discovered Isabella at a camp last fall in Bath, New York, where kids with Tourette Syndrome come from all over the state.
The camp is run by Sue Conners, a long time Buffalo resident, who suffers from Tourette Syndrome and now heads up the Tourette Syndrome Association of Greater New York State. The former teacher helps educate others about the disorder and helped the ABC crew put together the Primetime segment.
Isabella's family hopes through the television program, people will become more aware and offer more support for kids battling the disorder, especially when attending school.
Isabella was a student at City Honors recently until some severe tics forced her to home school. She hopes to get back to class this fall and move on with her life. 50-percent of those with Tourette Syndrome grow out of the symptoms in their early 20's, but for now, Isabella is holding onto her dream of being an actress and is already planning to give back to those who have reached out to her.

Canadian Power Trio, RUSH, to Appear on the Colbert Report

The Canadian Power Trio Rush will be appearing on "The Colbert Report." Rush, Consisting of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart, which hasn't performed on U.S. television in more than three decades, will play their classic "Tom Sawyer" on the Comedy Central show Wednesday (11:30 p.m. EST). The Power Trio, which is currently on tour, hasn't played on U.S. television since 1975.

Rush is only the latest act to perform on "The Report," which has steadily edged closer to "Ed Sullivan Show" territory. With increasingly frequent musical performances, "The Report" has grown a variety-show impulse, evident in other upcoming bookings.

The rapper Nas will perform on July 23, Toby Keith will return for a second performance on July 28 and Crosby, Stills and Nash will play on July 30.

The Stephen Colbert-hosted comedy show was originally launched as a parody of conservative political punditry — and shows like "The O'Reilly Factor" do not make a habit of hosting music performances.

But "The Report" circus has expanded into musical realms, often with its sonorous host joining in. John Legend, Neil Young, R.E.M., Tony Bennett, Peter Frampton, Willie Nelson, Barry Manilow, John Mellencamp, the Roots and Carole King have all performed on the show.

Colbert's enthusiasm for the music has been easily apparent. He's sung the Star Spangled Banner (in two-part harmony) with Legend, and mocked the MTV-style band interview by questioning R.E.M. from a stool twice the size of those the band sat on.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bachelorette - The Results are in

The once-scorned Bachelor beauty picked Jesse Csincsak to call her own Monday on the season finale of The Bachelorette, accepting the 26-year-old pro snowboarder's proposal with a big ol' teary smile on her face. Meaning, after visits with each other's families, some "alone time" in the Bahamas and weeks of soul-searching, Pappas, 26, picked Csincsak over 31-year-old account executive Jason Mesnick, both of whom asked her pop's permission for her hand in marriage.

"Jesse, would you accept this final rose?" Pappas asked her new fiancé. "I cannot believe that I'm going to marry this guy with the pink shoelaces!" she added, referring to his Day-Glo premiere-episode ensemble.

It may have seemed at first like Mesnick was the obvious choice, what with his tall-dark-and-handsomeness and his fearless declarations of love, established dependability and vows of forever.

But when did any red-blooded twentysomething automatically go with what feels the safest?

"I was so ready to be in love again," Mesnick said during the limo ride that carried him away from that oh-so-crappy moment in which he got down on one knee and she said, "No, I can't."

But "she wanted something I couldn't give her," he said.

And even though Csincsak wasn't exactly sure that he could give Pappas the world just yet, as he picked out a ring, he mused, "She's the one and that's all that matters."

The Colorado resident's initial visit with Pappas' family left a little to be desired in the minds of her dad, sister and brother, but some other relatives thought that Mesnick's single-dad status might "fast-forward her life five years," whereas Csincsak was more of a "free spirit," like her.

The Atlanta native maintained that she was still hashing it out in her mind until the 11th hour.

"I still have the piece of paper where I was doing my pros and cons, because it was never an easy decision," the already-engaged Pappas told reporters last week during a conference call, per Reality TV World. "It was always a very, very hard decision for me."

"How are you supposed to look at someone and tell them that you care about them so much but you can't choose them because you care about the other guy more? That definitely does not make you feel good about yourself. I can promise you that."

She managed, though.

"When you see the final episode, it's so good—you're going to laugh and you're going to cry. It's just a beautiful episode," Pappas said, describing herself as "very happy, in love and engaged."

Not that Pappas and Csincsak's picture-perfect moment wasn't without its share of controversy, as countless fans couldn't quite get their minds around why she booted attorney Jeremy Anderson during the penultimate rose ceremony.

"I've never had my heart broken like this," Anderson, who was apparently too "perfect" for his own good, told her following the very unprivate farewell. "Today could potentially be one of the worst days I've ever had."

"I knew I didn't feel the same," Pappas explained.

"You always second-guess and wish you had said something or not said something. Me being in Jeremy's position before, of course it was hard to see him at [the Bachelorette special] The Men Tell All, of course it was hard to know that I broke his heart and he felt led on. That doesn't make anyone feel good."

Pappas did give Anderson, who also showed up on tonight's finale to plead his case, a plug as far as his eligibility is concerned: "Jeremy would make a great [Bachelor star] because he has everything to offer a woman," she said. "If he wanted to be the next Bachelor, I would totally support him."

But it was Csincsak whose Tacori diamond ring shined the brightest in Pappas' eyes, and now she's got a wedding to plan…for sometime.

"We're definitely taking it day by day," Pappas said when asked whether they'd set the date.

But "it's going to be big," she added. "I have a huge family, there's no way I could cut down my list. We've already thought about it, and it's just ridiculous. It's going to be a big wedding, and I'm kind of a traditional kind of girl. I want lots of white."

And, like Trista Rehn, she might want cameras, too.

"I can't say I put a lot of thought into it, but I'm not really opposed to letting those fans into that part of my life," Pappas said.

A newly betrothed Bachelorette wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas Revive Bob and Doug as Cartoon Characters for an upcoming Prime Time TV Series

''Take off!'' That's what Bob and Doug McKenzie, the beer-loving Canadian brothers created by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas back in 1980, are about to do again. The Fox network has joined Canada's Global Television in developing a cartoon pilot, The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie, in which Moranis and Thomas will return to voice the characters they made famous during the 1980s on classic sketch comedy show SCTV, on a hit comedy album, in commercials, and in the 1983 film Strange Brew. Global has ordered 13 episodes of the primetime animated series, which will place the brew-chugging brothers in a town full of friends and family members. Providing other voices will be fellow Canadian actors and comics, including Dave Coulier (Full House), Colin Mochrie, Pat McKenna, Derek McGrath, Ron Pardo, Jayne Eastwood, and Ho Chow. Moranis (who has kept a low profile over the last decade) and Thomas have been trying to launch an animated revival of their beloved comic characters since at least 2003, when an abortive attempt at a pilot appeared as a cartoon short on the Strange Brew DVD.

Friday, May 30, 2008

LOST Season Finale - So Who is JEREMY BENTHAM

Moving islands, marching armies of mercenaries and even a freighter loaded with explosives weighed heavily on the minds of Lost fans anticipating Thursday’s two-hour season finale. But they all became secondary concerns as a new question twisted its way into the foreground: Who is Jeremy Bentham?

We knew from past flash forwards that the Oceanic Six escape. But at the end of the last episode they were spread across the island, the beach and the freighter off shore and outside whatever dome of solitude surrounds the island.

Sun and baby Aaron had just reached the freighter with Jin, when Michael and Desmond discover a room full of explosives. The popular consensus is that the object baddie Keamy wears on his arm will trigger the explosives if he dies.

Jack, with Sawyer in tow, tracked down the chopper to find Lapidus tied up. He says the bad guys have gone to The Orchid to capture Ben. Archie and Reggie launch back into the woods to find Ben’s running mate, the much-loved Hurley.

The last we saw of Hurley, he was hiding with Locke in the woods near The Orchid when Ben revealed himself to Keamy and crew as a diversion.

While Faraday continued to funnel people off the island on a tiny boat, Sayid and Kate charge into the woods in search of Jack and Sawyer - who they’ve learned are heading into trouble. They manage to find their own problems, however, when the ageless Richard Alpert and his gang of Others capture them and lead them into the woods.

The rest of the characters were left waiting on the beach for their turn to leave the island, save for Clair, who was last seen chilling out with her dead father in Jacob’s mystic cabin.

This episode starts where Season Three ends: With a drunk jack screaming at Kate outside the airport, demanding that they go back to the island. This time, she stops the car. She gets out and laces into Jack for tormenting her and demanding she go to “Jeremy Bentham’s” funeral. She hints that something this unknown person said made Jack realize they had to return to the island, although at this point what that was remains as mysterious as his identity.

Back on the island, we join Jack and Sawyer heading for The Orchid. They find Hurly urinating in the woods and, after brief awkwardness between Hurley and Jack, they join Locke and The Orchid station. Jack and Locke bicker until Jack realizes all he came for was Hurley and tries to leave, but curiosity gets the better of him and stays to see what Locke is up to.

Meanwhile, Keamy and his mercenary crew are leading Ben back to the chopper, when Kate comes running out of the woods, claiming to be chased by Ben’s friends. The troops get their weapons ready. A mysterious whispering engulfs the group before the Others attack them from the woods like a pack of Ewoks. Kate gets Ben to safety, while Sayid tackles Keamy and the two trained fighters battle. Keamy is about to kill him when Alpert shoots Keamy in the back. To thank them for saving him, Ben gives Kate and Sayid the chopper and says they can leave the island.

In the next flash forward, Hurley is visited in his psych ward by a much older Walt. It has only been three years since he left the island, but the kid can now grow a better moustache than Sidney Crosby. Walt is upset that the Oceanic Six didn’t come and visit him. But he says Jeremy Bentham did visit and left him angry that the survivors are lying about what happened. Hurley says they have to lie to keep people on the island safe. “Like my dad?” Walt asks. Hurley hesitantly says yes.

Back on the island, Hurley and Sawyer eat 15-year-old crackers while Locke and Jack take up their age-old debate on destiny. Locke says Jack knows he’s supposed to be on the island, and will be consumed with guilt if he leaves (score one for Locke). Locke says it’s not an island, it’s a place where miracles happen. Jacks says there is no such thing as miracles. Locke: “Just wait until you see what I’m going to do,” meaning his intentions to move the island to keep it safe. Ben joins them and dismisses Jack, telling him he, Hurley and Sawyer should leave the island, then leads Locke into the underground.

On the boat, Michael is still battling the explosives, which haven’t exploded. The plan is to freeze the battery with liquid nitrogen. In conversation, Sun tells him that she’s pregnant, which he seems sad about, likely because the boat is about to explode.

Meanwhile, Faraday has returned to the beach and tells his friends Miles and Charlotte that they have to be on the next trip, because there won’t be another. Miles says he’s not going to leave, and sits happily eating nuts. Miles then says to Charlotte that he’s surprised she wants to leave, considering how hard she worked to get back “here.” What do you mean, she asks nervously, and Miles acts coyly. Charlotte decides to stay, telling Faraday that she “was still looking for where she was born.”

In The Orchid, Locke finds a vault that opens into a mystical bubble. An orientation video Ben makes him watch says a “Casimir effect” lets the Dharma Initiative do experiments on space and time. It’s a time machine, but not “the magic box,” Ben says. The orientation video says its important not to put metal into the vault, but Ben is frantically loading everything he can into the small room. A living, but angry, Keamy arrives and tells a hiding Ben about the bomb trigger that will go off if he dies. Locke appears and tries to talk him into putting down his knife. Ben uses the distraction to attack him, stabbing him several times.
Locke: “You just killed everyone on that boat.”
Ben: “So?”

Jack, Hurley and Sawyer get to the chopper and join Lapidus, Sayid and Kate. They get into the chopper and take off, all excited to get off the island, including Sawyer it seems. As they head for the freighter, they run out of gas. They start jettisoning things to reduce weight, but it’s not enough. Sawyer gets that “reluctant hero” look in his eye, and whispers some directions to Kate (likely something about visiting his daughter, Clementine) before kissing her and diving off the chopper. He swims back to the island.

In the next flash forward, Sayid sneaks up and kills a guy stalking Hurley’s mental institution, before going inside and asking Hurley to come with him. He’s sitting at a chess board alone. Sayid says things haven’t been safe since Bentham’s death and wants to take him to safety. Hurley lets it slip that Bentham is a fake name. He makes Sayid swear they’re not going back to the island. As he gets up, he makes one more chess move. “Checkmate, Mr. Eko,” he says. Apparently, Charlie isn’t the only dead island-dweller that has been visiting Hurley.

Locke fights to keep Keamy alive, but he’s fading fast. “Wherever you go, Widmore will find you,” he tells Ben. “Not if I find him first,” he says. Keamy dies, and the red lights start flashing. On the boat, Michael and Jin stay to keep the bomb’s battery frozen and inactive, while Desmond runs to evacuate the ship. “Bloody Hell,” he says as the chopper approaches. Lapidus has to land. They quickly refill the tank and get ready to relaunch. Sun says she won’t leave without Jin, but Kate gets her on the chopper and says she’ll find him. Jack intercepts her and forces her onto the chopper as well. Michael, meanwhile, gives Jin the “you are a father” speech to get him to leave, but he gets to the deck after the chopper has taken off.

Below, Michael hears the mystic whispers, before Jack’s dead father Christian appears and tells him he can “go now,” meaning (most likely) that he’s free to die. Moments later the ship blows with Michael, Jin and others still on board.

Sun breaks down after watching her husband blow up, ultimately blaming Jack for his death. In a flash forward, we find her in London, approaching Widmore. “Are you going to pretend you don’t know who I am?” she asks, before offering him her business card and telling him they have lots to talk about. She subtly offers to help him find Ben, and she seems just angry enough about Jin’s death to do it.

Inside the Orchid station, Ben starts the magic vault overloaded with metal, and it explodes. It seems to be part of the process, because Ben puts on his parka and climbs in. First, he tells Locke that he has to go, because whoever moves the island can never come back. Locke has been chosen to lead the Others and care for the island. Ben climbs through the vault and into an icy tunnel. Finally, he climbs down a ladder into an anti-chamber, where he slips and cuts his arm. There’s a huge lever, which Ben works to turn. As he does, things get very bright and a loud humming engulfs the island. The chopper crew, on their way back to the island, watches it seemingly sink into the ocean. The chopper runs out of gas and crashes. Everyone survives and loads into an emergency raft.

In the next flash forward, Kate wakes up in her home and hears someone in Aaron’s room. She loads her gun and jumps into the room, to find Claire sitting over her child’s bed. It turns out to be a dream, but Kate still seems shaken by Claire’s demand that Aaron never return to the island.

On the raft, Hurley tells everyone that Locke moved the island. Despite his own eyes, Jack refuses to believe that it happened, but he does tell everyone that they have to make up a story to protect the remaining island dwellers. They see a rescue boat, which turns out to belong to Penny, Desmond’s girlfriend. They run to each other, and he promises never to leave her again. Jack ruins a pleasant round of introductions by telling them that they all have to talk.

In the end, he convinces the Oceanic Six that they have to leave the boat and stage a rescue at a nearby island, in order to keep their cover story legitimate. Desmond and Lapidus remain on Penny’s boat. The Oceanic Six paddle to a village, where the residents rush to help them. At this point, the storyline catches up to the flash forward from Episode 12, as the survivors are led into a press conference, before going their separate ways.

The final flash forward finds a wasted, bearded Jack driving to the funeral hall where Jeremy Bentham remains. It’s midnight, so he breaks in, crying, pacing and reluctantly opens the coffin. Before he can reveal who is inside, Ben appears. “Did he tell you I was off the island?” he asks. Apparently he did. Bentham is actually someone who escaped the island to visit Jack and Kate, telling them both that terrible things had happened since they left and blaming them all on Jack.

Ben says Jack has to come back to the island, and has to bring everyone with him. Jack says no one will want to, but Ben says he’ll help convince them. They have to take Bentham’s body as well. Finally, after two hours of wondering who Jeremy Bentham is, the truth is revealed. John Locke lies inside the coffin, far from the island he was destined to find.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grey's Anatomy actress Brooke Smith has adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia

Grey's Anatomy actress Brooke Smith has adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia, her rep confirms.

It is the second daughter for Smith, 40, who has a 5-year-old daughter, Fanny, with her cinematographer husband Stephen Lubensky.

Smith, who is best known for her role in Silence of the Lambs, said in October that she and her husband were considering adopting.

"You know, why not?" Smith sad, adding that she and Lubensky have traveled to Africa several times, and filmed a documentary on conservationists in Zimbabwe together. "We still might end up there some time," she said.


IN Other News

Dr. Erica Hahn, the head of cardiothoracic surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital, may be a breezily officious, raging workaholic. But the actress who plays her, Brooke Smith, isn’t entirely surprised when the escalating chemistry between Hahn and Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) leads to a liplock in the May 15 episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Thursday at 9 pm/ET, ABC).
“She came to the wrong hospital if she thought she wasn’t going to have a personal life!” cracks Smith, who confesses to eavesdropping on a recent writers’ meeting in an attempt to find out where the relationship will go. “They won’t tell us anything, so I literally had my ear to the wall. I keep hearing this rumor about this big surprising kiss [in the finale]. Everybody’s thinking that it’s Meredith and Derek. But how surprising would that be?” Grey’s Anatomy fans are speculating that the big buss will be between Hahn and Torres and will lead to a love affair next season.

Perhaps viewers, who have watched her mentally abuse Cristina (Sandra Oh) and mock admirer McSteamy (Eric Dane), are ready for a softer side of Hahn. Not that Smith, 41, minds playing a hardass. When she joined the series, the writers let her know Hahn wouldn’t be winning any popularity contests. “They said they didn’t want to rush to make me likable, and hoped I didn’t mind,” she says. “A lot of actors don’t want to be unlikable, even if they’re the bad guy. But I’m okay with that — I’m good with being unlikable.”

Learn a few tidbits about Smith’s ’80s-era rebel New York City adolescence, and it’s no wonder Hahn’s hard edge seems natural. While her mother, legendary celebrity publicist Lois Smith, was helping burnish the reputations of A-listers like Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, her teen daughter took the anti-glam route, working as a coat-check girl at the Ritz rock club and playing bass in a punk band at CBGB. Still, Smith, whose first professional job was at the age of 7 in Marlo Thomas’ classic 1974 kiddie special Free to Be…You and Me, never let anything interrupt her acting ambitions.

Trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she did more than her share of off-off-Broadway plays before landing a career-changing part in 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs. As the mouthy captive of a serial killer, Smith stole scenes by managing to seem undismayed while standing in a dirt pit, gripping a poodle and telling her skin-peeling kidnapper, “Don’t you make me hurt your dog!” Roles in prestige pictures like Louis Malle’s Vanya on 42nd Street and Woody Allen’s Melinda and Melinda followed, but mostly Smith portrayed advice-giving sidekicks on seemingly every procedural on TV.

“All right, I’m done with this,” was Smith’s grim realization a few years ago when she decided to get her real estate license and stop waiting for Hollywood to wise up. Immediately, she landed arcs on Six Feet Under, Crossing Jordan and Weeds. Does she believe the stars finally aligned? “I hate to get all The Secret about it,” Smith says, “but I literally started saying out loud, ‘OK, I’m ready for a regular job.’ I like to work. Who doesn’t?” Although she still heads back to Manhattan frequently, Smith, her Russian cinematographer husband Steve Lubensky and their two daughters (Fanny, 5, and an infant adopted from Ethiopia just weeks ago) have been living in the Hollywood Hills. On a recent afternoon, Smith could be found drinking a glass of pinot noir in a café near the beach. A few feet away, Entourage’s Kevin Connolly sat, repeatedly craning his neck to stare at the curly blond with the distinctively gravelly voice.

Smith says she’s been wondering if being on a hit series means she won’t just be another face in the crowd anymore. “I was just talking to the cast about losing their anonymity,” says Smith. “I thought, ‘That’s not going to happen to me.’ I don’t lead an exciting life that the paparazzi would want to capture.” She pauses. “You know, whenever I go home to New York, I still get on the subway. So far, so good!”

Monday, May 12, 2008


Does David minus dad mean danger for American Idol's presumptive front-runner?
The Associated Press and other news outlets reported over the weekend that David Archuleta's father has been banished from rehearsals by Idol producers.

The reports say that the action came after Jeff Archuleta demanded phrasing from Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls be inserted into David's rendition of Ben E. King's Stand By Me last week. The change cost the show additional song-clearance fees. The AP cited an unidentified source associated with Idol who was familiar with the situation; an Idol spokesman declined to comment Sunday.

David's dad has been a strong presence behind the scenes, and observers wonder what effect the loss of backstage support would mean for David, 17, as the show enters its last two weeks Tuesday (8 ET/PT, Fox).

It's hard to tell without knowing the family dynamics, says Charlie Toft, who covers television for and is on USA TODAY's Idol coach panel, which offers weekly advice to contestants. "Of all the major teenage contestants Idol has ever had, David appears to be the most heavily programmed and least spontaneous, and his stereotypically showy way of singing suggests he and his father have been aiming at this goal for a long time."

FIND MORE STORIES IN: Fox | Idol | Today | US Weekly | David Archuleta | Sean Kingston | Beautiful Girls | Stand By Me | Ben E. King | Jeff Archuleta
Toft theorizes the ban might be a "shot across the bow" by the show, warning the family that if Archuleta wins, his career will be in the pros' hands.

Says Rona Elliot, former VH1 and Today show staffer and also a USA TODAY coach: "Sooner or later, David Archuleta will get the big picture and be royally ticked off at his father, and how his father's behavior not only alienated Idol's staff, but threatened his potential success."

In an interview with Us Weekly last month, Jeff Archuleta denied that he was a "stage dad" and said he was more a "music consultant" for David. "I'm definitely involved with my son, and I encourage him, but I think that's a lot different from forcing and threatening."

Toft says that whatever happens next "will be attributed to the dad turmoil. A good night will 'prove' Idol was overdue to take action, while a bad night will be seen as a sign that David can't hack it without his father.

"His fans will respond either way with power voting, so the net effect may be that David is now more bulletproof than ever."

Friday, May 9, 2008


A seven-season run is usually enough for a network to take note of its end, or at least make mention of it.

But that's not the plan as "Scrubs" (NBC, 8:30 p.m.) ends its run at NBC.

The reason is that Bill Lawrence's madcap medical comedy will be picked up almost immediately by ABC — an announcement that will be made officially Tuesday.
Tonight is the season finale of “Scrubs.” The show is not on NBC’s fall schedule, which was announced last month. That would make most viewers believe that this is really a series finale. In general, when a series ends its run after multiple, critically acclaimed seasons, a network makes a big to-do about it. There are promos set to sappy songs. The actors do media tours, and critics wax nostalgic about the program’s heyday. And then the show neatly wraps up the story line. Not so much when it comes to “Scrubs,” though it does appear that tonight’s episode will be one of the more creative ones. More on that in a bit. According to multiple trade publications, “Scrubs” really isn’t coding. It will come back on ABC, the studio that produces it, for one final season. Really final. Nothing has been announced yet, and ABC will reveal its fall schedule on May 13. Until then, enjoy this tribute to “The Princess Bride,” in which Dr. Cox narrates a bedtime fairy tale about Eliot, a princess, and J.D. (Zach Braff) as the Village Idiot. Then cross your fingers. 8:30 p.m. NBC

For now, though, the NBC season finale will be worth a watch if only because it's one of those long-planned special episodes, like last season's musical one.
Tonight, it's a medieval-times takeoff inspired equally by Monty Python and "The Princess Bride."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Courtney Henggeler - Spurs internet searches after her appearance in Big Bang Theory


Since appearing on Big Bang Theory on Monday evening, it appears Courtney Henggeler seems to have drawn quite a fan base. Maybe it was the ample clevage, maybe it was that very sexy, but yet subtle southern Drawl. Either way, everyone is searching for information on Courtney Henggeler. In true HTBW fashion, who am I to deny the wished of the masses. Honestly, it is pretty tough to find pictures of Courtney Henggeler on the web. After all, she really hasn't starred in many shows. However, if Mondays reaction is any indication, Courtney definately has a bright future in front of her.

Here are some of the shows Courtney Henggeler has starred in

"The Big Bang Theory" .... Missy (1 episode, 2008)
- The Shiksa Indeterminacy (2008) TV episode .... Missy
"House M.D." .... Server (1 episode, 2005)
... aka House (USA: short title)
- DNR (2005) TV episode .... Server
The Legacy of Walter Frumm (2005) .... Maid
The Bog Creatures (2003) .... Susan Beth

Here are a couple of pictures of Courtney Henggeler to wet your appetite


Khandi Alexander to Leave CSI Miami

Late last week, TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reported that Khandi Alexander is leaving CSI: Miami at the end of the season. Alexander is know for her fierce but tender Medical Examiner alter ego Alexx Woods. There is no word yet about how the character will depart, but Ausiello hints strongly that the reason for the departure is some issues Alexander has with an aspect of the show.

Who knows? Cast members are leaving CSI, too (first Jorga Fox and now Gary Dourdan), so maybe there is just a limit to how long you can do this kind of show (intense, lots of blood and gore, often depressing). I haven't followed the plots on CSI: Miami, so I don't know what kinds of issues Alexander would have with the show.

She is a terrific actress; one of the standout episodes for me was her grief over working on the body of a child, and how she combined tears with professionalism during the episode. She will have no trouble finding other work out there.

Reportedly, there is a search for a new medical examiner, and this one will be male.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

More on the Lindsay Lohan Ugly Betty Character

Yes, all ye long-suffering fans of one Lindsay Lohan (and "Ugly Betty:") You can now officially celebrate. She's joined the show, and the first day on the set was yesterday (Saturday.) Meanwhile, she's also signed up for five episodes next season.

Variety first broke the news this morning, while noting that her first appearance will be on the May 22 finale; the five-episode deal is billed as an "extended guest shot" by the trade, but that probably doesn't mean it'll be as inconsequential, in terms of on-screen time, as Britney's "guest shot" in "How I Met Your Mother." With a five-episode deal in hand (not counting the finale), you'll almost certainly be seeing a lot of Lindsay on the show next season.

How big a surprise is this? Not huge: The guest role has been rumored for weeks, but the five-episode arc was not expected. Despite all the usual stuff that surrounds her in the gossip press, Lohan's actually been pretty busy in recent months. She's in what's called "pre-production" on three films, "Ye Olde Times," The Manson Girls," and "Dare to Love Me." She's no stranger to TV either, and pretty much got her start there - briefly as a kid in the old and forgotten Bette Midler sitcom, "Bette," and later, there were a coupe of cameos on "That '70s Show."

What will she do on "Ugly?" She's an old school friend of Betty Suarez (America Ferara), and they run into each in the finale, per Variety. Betty's doing well at the mag (of course - she saves Daniel every week), but Lohan's character is apparently in bad shape.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lindsay Lohan to appear on Ugly Betty

Lindsay Lohan is set to star in TV show Ugly Betty, according to reports.

She’ll follow in the footsteps of Posh Spice and Naomi Campbell- who filmed scenes this week- by starring in the hit programme.

Though unlike the model and VB rumours say the wayward starlet will star in up to eight episodes of Betty.

Lohan’s acting career is at an all time low after flop I Know Who Killed Me and she desperately needs a decent job.

Sources on Ugly Betty say Lindsay will appear in the season finale of the show- which airs in May- and then star in the next series.

In separate news Lindsay has apparently worked with Snoop Dogg and Timbaland on her new album as she seeks to revive that area of her career too!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Farmer Wants a Wife - When will it stop????

Here's the one about the farmer and the 10 babes in a house down the road. Stop me if you've heard it before.

You have heard it before, of course, if you've been awake at all this last decade. I won't be the only writer to describe the new CW reality series "Farmer Wants a Wife," in which hot city girls vie for the attentions of a hunky country boy, as "The Simple Life" meets "The Bachelor" -- indeed, you may have trouble finding one who won't. So thoroughly does "Farmer" resemble its overworked models that one can be tired of it almost before it's begun.

The farmer who wants a wife -- though I'm not sure I believe that he does or that most of the women are looking for a marriage that would require them to live in Portage Des Sioux, Mo. -- is 29-year-old Matt Neustadt (a onetime "Bachelor" applicant, reportedly). He grows corn, wheat and soybeans on land his family has owned since the 1940s, though the show is filmed elsewhere, at a location the producers deemed more telegenic, more like "the country."

In the first hour we get little sense of him, other than he looks good with his shirt off, seems decent enough and has some talent for play-acting -- it is as plain as the udder on your cow that unseen hands prompt him at every turn.

As described on the CW website, "the show is based on the format 'Farmer Wants a Wife,' from an idea in the British edition of Country Living magazine, in collaboration with FremantleMedia" (the company that brings you "American Idol"). But that series, and the British TV show it inspired, and which has already spawned several foreign franchises, were actually about helping lonely farmers meet women -- they posited a social problem. The American "Farmer" is more . . . American: another intermittently nasty competition dating show, with stunt challenges and a ritualized elimination at the end of every episode.

There is, to be sure, a sort of novel moral tone overlaid. The countryside has been considered a kind of antidote to the spiritual and bodily ills of city living probably as long as there have been cities, and the show takes the wholesomeness of rural life as basic to its narrative. The women here are frustrated, or claim to be frustrated, by city boys -- immature and unfaithful, shady and shallow. "Theology student" Lisa, 21, is looking for "a guy with some morals," because they're "difficult to find in L.A." ("And yes, I'm a virgin," she adds, to the accompaniment of a dreadful boom on the soundtrack.)

For the most part, the women seem sweet and intelligent in varying degrees, and well- to ill-equipped for the country. The mere sight of the farmer's well-developed bare chest is enough for a few to believe they're in love, but New Yorker Christa, the only contestant who didn't arrive in Missouri in heels, is more sanguine: "Just 'cause you look at him and he's pretty and he looks at you and you're pretty, that's not a connection." A couple of contestants barely register.

And then there is Josie, from Laguna Niguel, a creature of such fantastic self-deluded self-regard and improbable utterances that I began to wonder if she were not the invention of some clever actress. Josie envisions country life as "riding horses, going to polo matches," inquires about the maid service and employs the phrase "working class" as an epithet. If there is some warm or thoughtful side to her, the producers have decided to keep it hidden. Though she has no chance of winning this contest, she may be held around for a while to keep things spiky -- nobody likes her.

And is it unfashionably pre-post-feminist of me to suggest that there's something odd in the sight of 10 women chasing and crating chickens in order to convince a man with whom they have yet to hold an actual conversation that they're worth marrying? Even if it's all a game, it doesn't much look like progress.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Miley Ray Cyrus - The German Vanity Fair Interview with Translation


Today, there was an article in the German Vanity Fair on Miley Ray Cyrus. For those of you who can read German, I have included the original German Version. For those who can't, I ran the text through Bablefish and came up with a VERY ROUGH translation. I started to go through the article to fix the errors, and will continue to do so as the days go by and I have more time. For the time being, I have included the Rough English with continuing edits below the Original Version.


Sie ist eine der populärsten Teenie-Stars Amerikas: Die 15-jährige Miley Cyrus, die in der Disney Channel-Erfolgsserie "Hannah Montana" ein aufregendes Doppelleben führt. Tagsüber geht sie als Miley Stewart auf eine Highschool, abends erobert sie als Hannah Montana die Konzertbühnen der Welt und Herzen ihrer Fans. Nur ihre Familie und enge Freunde wissen von ihrer geheimnisvollen zweiten Identität. So ist der Plot, in dem die junge Miley Cyrus die Hauptrolle spielt. Mit VANITY FAIR ONLINE sprach sie über Ruhm, ihre Familie und ihr Vorbild.

Vanity Fair Online
Am 10. April startet Ihr 3-D Konzertfilm "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert". Einige Länder haben eigens dafür ein 3-D Kino gebaut…
Miley Cyrus
Ich bin gerade mal 15 Jahre alt und werde als legendär bezeichnet. Das ist schon seltsam. Auf der anderen Seite möchte ich Geschichte schreiben! Deshalb finde ich es toll, wenn ich selbst in meinem jungen Alter schon soviel bewegen kann.

VF Bald fangen die Dreharbeiten zum Film "Hannah Montana" an. Sind Sie schon aufgeregt?

M.C. Ja, sehr. Wir drehen in Nashville, wo ich aufgewachsen bin. Vielleicht spielen Dolly Parton und Brooke Shields mit, das ist aber noch nicht sicher.
VF Sind denn keine Jungs dabei?
M.C. Ich glaube schon, ich weiß nur noch nicht wer. Orlando Bloom wäre toll. Der kann gerne meinen Freund im Film spielen! VF Können Sie Hannah Montana und Miley Cyrus noch auseinander halten? Oder seit Ihr bereits eine Person?
M.C. Manchmal ist das schon schwer, denn wenn ich Hannah spiele, kann ich nicht ich selbst sein. Aber ich habe gelernt, der Kunstfigur Hannah Montana in meinem Leben einen Platz zu geben, ohne mich dabei selbst zu verlieren. Selbst wenn oftmals viele Menschen um mich herum sind, weiß ich genau, was für mich, Miley, richtig ist.
VF Trotzdem sind Sie das Produkt einer gigantischen Unterhaltungsindustrie...
M.C. Sicherlich ist es schwer, die Brücke zwischen Hannah und Miley zu schlagen. Erleichternd ist jedoch, dass Hannah keine Figur ist, die ich erschaffen habe. Ich fülle sie lediglich mit Leben, schauspielere sie, verleihe ihr Tiefgang. Das ist meine Aufgabe als Schauspielerin und Sängerin. Ich vergleiche es mit einem Stück Papier: Jeder malt etwas anderes drauf.
VF Wann haben Sie Ihr musikalisches Talent entdeckt?
M.C. Sehr früh, ich glaube ich war drei Jahre alt, als ich anfing zu singen. Mit zehn Jahren nahm ich in Kanada Gesangsunterricht, ein Jahr später sprach ich für die Rolle von Hannah Montana vor. Doch erst mit 13 wurde ich für die erste Episode gecastet.
VF Sie sind also sehr ehrgeizig und lassen nicht locker?
M.C. Sagen wir es mal so, ich habe keine Angst vor Herausforderungen. Ich gehe Problemen nicht aus dem Weg, sondern finde Lösungen.
VF Was glauben Sie, bewirkt Ihre Musik?
M.C. Ich hoffe, dass meine positive Haltung möglichst viele Menschen ansteckt. Wenn jemand einen schlechten Tag erwischt hat, hört er sich meine Musik an und alles wird gut. So stelle ich mir das vor. Ich war schon immer ein durchaus positiver Mensch. VF Schreiben Sie Ihre Songs selber?
M.C. Ja, klar! Aber nicht für die Hannah-Montana-Serie, das macht Disney alles selbst.

VF Was oder wer inspiriert Sie?
M.C. Neben Familie und Freunden, sind es Menschen, die einen ähnlichen Lebensweg haben. Hillary Duff zum Beispiel, sie schauspielert und singt, genau wie ich. Oder Hillary Swank, ich mag ihren einfachen Stil. Und Jodie Foster. Sie hat als Teenager angefangen und ich bewundere, was aus ihr geworden ist. Ihre Ratschläge über das Erwachsenwerden verstehe ich heute umso besser.
VF Nun sind Sie für viele ein Vorbild. Wie kommen Sie damit zurecht?
M.C. Das ist manchmal ganz schön schwer. Jedesmal, wenn ich einen Fehler mache, denke ich 'Oh Gott, was nun?‘
VF Sie meinen, als Sie unangeschnallt Auto gefahren sind? M.C. Ja, genau! Da gab es eine riesen Schelte von allen Seiten. Aber ich bin eben nicht perfekt, dazu stehe ich. Deshalb habe ich den Song "Nobody’s perfect" geschrieben. In Zukunft werde ich eben besser aufpassen, so dass es mir nicht wieder passieren wird.
VF Wie schützen Sie sich vor dem ganzem Ruhm, damit Sie nicht abgleiten wie so manche andere junge Kollegen in der Unterhaltungsindustrie?
M.C. Für mich ist wichtig, Körper, Seele und Geist im Einklang zu halten. Aufpassen, dass ich mich nicht missbrauche. An seine körperliche Grenze zu gehen, ist gefährlich. Deshalb sind Pausen sehr wichtig. Sich einfach zuruecknehmen, beobachten, wo man steht, gesund zu bleiben, damit man sich wohl fühlt, um weiter machen zu können. Nur wenn man ruhig und gelassen ist, kann man für andere Menschen auch zugänglich sein. Am aller wichtigsten ist aber die Liebe von meinen Eltern und der enge Kontakt zu meinen Freunden.
VF Sie waren zum ersten Mal bei den Academy Awards dabei. Wie war das?
M.C. Unheimlich aufregend! Ich bin ein großer Fan von Jennifer Garner. Auf dem roten Teppich kam sie zu mir, und sagte, dass sie gerne gerne mal mit mir zusammen arbeiten wuerde. Das war echt total verrückt. Danach traf ich Barbara Walters zum Interview, und sass gleich neben Cameron Diaz und John Travolta auf der Couch. Was für ein Traum!
VF Gibt es etwas, was Sie an Stars nicht mögen, wenn Sie sie zum ersten Mal treffen? M.C. Menschen, die so abgeklärt daher kommen, finde ich einfach abscheulich. Viele können es nicht mehr schätzen, dass sie zu den Grammys, Oscars oder zu Filmpremieren eingeladen werden. Selbst wenn ich zum x-ten Mal dabei bin, möchte ich alles erleben, eben wie am ersten Tag.

VF Sie sind im ländlichen Tenesse bei Nashville aufgewachsen. War Los Angeles ein Kulturschock?
M.C. Und wie! Unser Grundstück war über 200 Hektar groß, hier in Los Angeles lebe ich mit meiner Familie gerade mal auf einem. Außerdem habe ich meine Tiere so sehr vermisst, dass ich sie alle nachkommen ließ. Nun müssen 14 Pferde, Kühe, Hühner, fünf Hunde, sechs Vögel und Fische mit dem kleinen Platz auskommen. Ein paar Pferde musste ich sogar zurücklassen, weil der Platz einfach nicht reicht. Bei mir zuhause ist es wie im Zoo.
VF Das hört sich an, als wenn Sie im Schlaraffenland wohnen. Haben Sie Angst, dass es alles einmal vorbei sein könnte?
M.C. Nein, solange ich diese Art von Leben führen kann, genieße ich jeden Moment. Ich bin mir natürlich bewusst, dass Ruhm zeitweilig ist, doch solange er da ist, lebe ich ihn so gut, wie es geht. Sehen Sie den Glitter auf meiner Wange? Mein Vater scherzte, dass ich wie Cinderella bin. Manchmal fühle ich mich wirklich wie eine Disney Prinzessin, es ist alles wie in einem Märchen. Wunderschön.
VF Wird Ihnen Ihr Leben nicht manchmal zuviel?

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M.C. Ich passe auf, dass ich mich nicht übernehme, denn der Körper kann nur eine bestimmte Leistung bringen. Man kann sich nur bis zu einem gewissen Grad pushen. Wenn ich mich müde fühle, dann nehme ich mir soviele Pausen, wie ich brauche, damit ich mich wieder fit fühle.
VF Lesen Sie eigentlich, was über Sie berichtet wird?
M.C. Nicht mehr so oft. Anfänglich habe ich mich gegoogelt, doch inzwischen habe ich keine Zeit mehr dazu.
VF Welche Gerüchte haben Sie über sich gelesen?
M.C. Oh, mein Gott, so viele und alle sind sie unwahr. Zum Beispiel, dass ich schwanger sei, verheiratet, und würde ohne meine Familie nach Las Vegas ziehen. So ein Quatsch! Aber von manchen Gerüchten hoffe ich auch, dass sie einmal wahr werden. VF Was für eine Beziehung haben Sie zu Ihren Eltern?
M.C. Meine Eltern sind total cool. Die Besten, die es gibt. Sie beschützen mich und wollen nur das Beste für mich. Das findet man nur bei Eltern, dass jemand 100 Prozent für Dich da ist, egal, was einer anstellt.
VF Was passiert, wenn Sie sich mit den Eltern streiten?

M.C. Dann gehe ich erstmal in mein Zimmer, ziehe mich zurück und lasse alles zur Ruhe kommen. Ich habe da so eine Hippie Mentalität, ich gehe Streitereien eher aus dem Weg und verhalte mich friedfertig.
VF Aber Sie sind doch sicherlich auch mal wütend?
M.C. Ja klar, das gehört zum Leben dazu und ist nicht weiter schlimm. Nur wenn sich aus Wut eine Diskussion entwickelt, wird diese nicht fruchtbar sein. Ich verstehe sowieso nicht, warum Menschen sich gegenseitig klein machen. Damit verletzt jemand doch nur den anderen. Da gehe ich lieber in mich, werde ruhig und bleibe geistig gesund.
VF Wie sieht Ihre Zukunft aus?
M.C. Ich würde gerne reisen, die Welt fotografieren und mal in einem anderen Land wohnen, das wäre eine große Lernerfahrung. Filme drehen oder auch einige schreiben, wäre toll. Aber da werden noch einige andere Herausforderungen und Entscheidungen auf mich zukommen. Nun muss ich erstmal sehen, ob ich weiter zur Schule gehe oder später meinen Abschluss mache.


She is the most popular teen Star in America: The 15-year old Miley Cyrus, which leads an exciting double life in the Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana". During the day she goes to High School as Miley Stewart, in the evening she conquors the hearts and concert stages of the world as Hannah Montana. Only her family and close friends know her mysterious second identity. Like that is the Plot, in which the young Miley Cyrus plays the main role. With VANITY FAIR ON-LINE ONE spoke to Miley about fame and her family

Vanity fair on-line one
On 10 April its 3-D concert film "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus starts: Best OF Both Worlds Concert ". Some countries have built a 3-d Ciniman just for it

This is where my repair stop for today. Tune into later for a continued repair of the Bablefish translation

Miley Cyrus
I am straight times 15 years old and as legendary am designated. That is already strange. On the other side I would like to write history! Therefore I find it mad, if I can move at my recent age already as much.

VF soon begin the turning work to the film "Hannah Montana". Are you already excited?
M.C. Yes, very much. We turn in Nashville, where I grew up. Perhaps Dolly Parton and Brooke Shields play also, that are however not yet safe.
VF participate none young?
M.C. I believe already, I white only not who. Orlando Bloom would be mad. That can play gladly mine friend in the film! VF ability you Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus hold still apart? Or since you already a person?
M.C. Sometimes that is already heavy, because if I play Hannah, I cannot be I. But I learned to give the art figure Hannah Montana in my life a place without losing me thereby. Even if often many humans are around me, I know exactly, what for me, Miley is correct.

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VF nevertheless are you the product of a gigantic unterhaltungsindustrie...
M.C. Surely it is heavy to strike the bridge between Hannah and Miley. Facilitating it is however that Hannah is not a figure, which I create has. I fill it only with lives, schauspielere her, lend their depth. That is my task as actress and a singer. I compare it with a piece paper: Everyone paints something else drauf.
VF when discovered you your musical talent?

M.C. Very early, I believe I was three years old, as I began to sing. With ten years I took one year in Canada singing instruction, later called I for the role of Hannah Montana. But with 13 I was only gecastet for the first episode.
VF you are thus very ambitious and do not relent not?
M.C. We do not say it times in such a way, I have a fear of challenges. I go to problems not out of the way, but find solutions.
VF which believe you, cause your music?
M.C. I hope that my positive attitude sticks on as much as possible humans. If someone got a bad day, he sounds himself my music and everything becomes good. Thus I introduce myself. I was always quite positive humans. VF letter it its Songs?
M.C. Yes, clearly! But not for the Hannah Montana series, Disney makes everything.
VF which or who inspires you?

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M.C. Beside family and friends, there is humans, who have a similar life way. Hillary Duff for example, it schauspielert and sings, exactly like I. Or Hillary Swank, I likes its simple style. And Jodie Foster. It began as a dte rodent and I admires, what from it became. I understand their pieces of advice over today the better.
VF now are you for many a model. How do you get along with it?
M.C. That is sometimes completely beautifully heavy. Each time, if I make an error, I think ' Oh God, what nun?‘
VF you mean, when you unangeschnallt car drove? M.C. Yes, exactly! There it gave giants scolds from all sides. But I am evenly not perfect, in addition I stand. Therefore I wrote the Song "Nobody’s perfect". In the future I will evenly better watch out, so that it will not again happen to me.
VF as protect themselves you against that whole fame, so that you do not glide like so some other young colleagues in the unterhaltungsindustrie?
M.C. For me, body is important, to hold soul and spirit in the agreement. Watch out that I do not abuse myself. To his physical border to go, is dangerous. Therefore tracing is very important. Simply take themselves back to remain healthy observe, where one stands, so that one feels well, in order to be able to make further. Only if one is calm and left, one can be also accessible for other humans. At the all most important are however the love of my parents and the close contact for my friends.

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VF you participated for the first time with the Academy Awards. How was that?
M.C. Terribly exciting! I am a large fan of Jennifer Garner. On the red carpet she came to me, and said that she would work gladly gladly times with me together. That was genuinly totally moved. Afterwards I met Barbara of walter to the interview, and sat directly beside Cameron Diaz and John Travolta on the couch. Which for a dream!
VF gives it somewhat, what you do not like on star, if you meet them for the first time? M.C. I find humans, who come so clarified therefore, simply horrible. Many cannot estimate it any longer that they are invited to the Grammys, Oscars or to film premieres. Even if I to x-ten mark thereby am, I would like to experience everything, evenly as on the first day.
VF you grew up in the rural Tenesse with Nashville. Of Los Angeles a culture shock?
M.C. And how! Our property was over 200 hectares largely, here in Los Angeles lives I with my family straight times on one. In addition has I mean animals missed so much that I let her all follow. Now must get along 14 horses, cows, chickens, five dogs, six birds and fish with the small place. A few horses had I to even leave, because the place is not enough simply. With me at home it is as in the zoo.
VF sounds itself, as if you live in the paradise. Do you have fear that it could be everything once past?
M.C. No, as long as I can lead this kind of lives, I enjoy each moment. I am naturally conscious to me that fame is temporary, but as long as it is there, I live it so well, as it goes. Do you see to the Glitter on my cheek? My father joked that I am like Cinderella. Sometimes I feel really like a Disney princess, it am everything as in a fairy tale. Beautifully.
VF becomes you your life not sometimes too much?

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M.C. I watch out that I do not take over myself, because the body can bring only a certain achievement. One can pushen oneself only up to a certain degree. If I feel tired, then I take myself as many tracing, as I need, so that I feel again fit.
VF vintages it actually, which is reported on you?
M.C. No longer so often. Initially I gegoogelt myself, but in the meantime I have no more time in addition.
VF which rumors read you over itself?
M.C. Oh, my God, so many and all are untrue them. For example that I am more schwanger, married, and will without my family after read Vegas to pull. Such a rubbish! But of some rumors I hope also that they become once true. VF which for a relationship have you to your parents?
M.C. My parents are totally cool. The best ones, which gives it. They protect me and want only the best for me. One finds that no matter only with parents that someone is 100 per cent for you there, which employs one.
VF which passes, if you argue with parents?
M.C. Then I go first times into my room, withdraw me and let everything to the peace come. I have there so a Hippie mentality, I go to quarrels rather out of the way and behave friedfertig.

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VF however you are nevertheless surely also times furious?
M.C. Clearly, belonged to the life to it and continues to be not bad. Only if from rage a discussion develops, this will not be fruitful. I do not understand anyway, why humans make themselves mutually small. Thus someone hurts nevertheless only the other one. There I rather go into me, become calm and remain mentally healthy.
VF as looks your future?
M.C. I would travel gladly, the world photograph and times in another country live, that would be a large learning experience. Films turn or also some write, would be mad. But still some other challenges and decisions will come there to me. Now I must see first times whether I continue to go to conclusion to the school or make for mine later.